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Here Are the Reasons Why You Should Consider Using a Bidet Toilet Seat

Bidets are commonly used in many countries around the world; however, they are not common in households across the USA despite its benefits. Going to the washroom is a subject that most people see as a taboo. Just a few people will talk about their washroom tendencies or consider other options because of how delicate the topic is. Anyone who has never used a bidet in their entire life may not be aware of what this great bathroom can offer. You may be reluctant to implement new products moreover in your bathroom. Most people that have used a bidet actually like it and cannot think of going back to the old tissue paper method using the bathroom. Below are the advantages of using a bidet.

They offer better personal hygiene. After you are done using the washroom, dry toilet paper leaves you dirty and some residue sticks on your skin. But with a bidet, this is not the case since it provides you with water that removes all the residue in your skin and leaves you fresh and clean. Bidet models do not have similar features, and you are free to choose any feature that you want when buying this appliance.

Bidets are an eco-friendly alternative. Approximately, a single American consumes about 57 sheets of tissue paper daily. That accumulates to more than 3 million tons of toilet paper used in the USA every year. Because of these, 54 million trees go down each year. A lot of water is needed in the manufacturing process of toilet paper. If you use a bidet, it can greatly lower the tissue paper needed after using the bathroom, and this is beneficial to the surrounding. Additionally, the bleaching process is used to produce toilet paper poses a threat not only to the environment but also to people. A bidet is an earth-friendly choice.

Save your coins and decrease your household waste by considering a bidet. Making use of a bidet is a great way of saving money and at the same time showing concern to the environment. You might use a small amount of tissue paper to dry when you have finished cleaning after you use the washroom. Apart from saving money on tissue paper purchases, you are going to cut down your household waste since there is minimal packaging to dispose of when you purchase less toilet paper.

Bidets reduce plumbing issues and hinder clogs in your house. There is minimal toilet paper consumed, usually about 75% less and if you consider a bidet with an air dryer feature, it could reduce to zero. It implies there’s not so much that passes through the sewer pipes to bring about clogs. It is costly to hire a plumbing expert, and plumbing issues can be a bit challenging.

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